Zambezi Fest IX 2023



Our star performer is non-other than Evonne Rivers, an international artist of repute! Although Evonne's main genre is country music, Evonne also sings Pop, Rock and indie, just to name a few. Evonne will be performing Live over the weekend.

Evonne is joined by other great renowned signers, Laura Church, Julia Shailes & Helen Kendall, all singers with a superb voices and a wide ranging repertoire who will be entertaining you on Saturday.



Troye D'oliveira, the Shuffle Master will be your DJ for Friday and Saturday evenings and will be flicking tunes between sets and through to the early hours. Troye is a stand out DJ who never fails to get everyone flicking hoof on the dance floor.


Joe Waggot, another fantastic DJ will fire up his Touch of Insanity Disco rig on Thursday evening and get everyone into the party mode. Joe will also be keeping you all wonderfully entertained throughout the day in the party field so while you are braaing and catching up with mates, you can sing along to Joe's "choons".