Caring for Kariba's wildlife. The Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust was established in July 2010 by a concerned group of Kariba residents for the purpose of raising funds for, and awareness of the area's beleaguered wildlife.

In August 2011 KAWFT launched its anti-snare patrol in conjunction with ZPWMA. By July 2012, over 800 snares had been recovered, an 80 metre roll of heavy wire was also found, which would have yielded 35 odd snares had it been cut and laid. In the August of that year another 100 metres was found.

The response from the public after a plea was sent out for donations to purchase a dart gun, supporting equipment, drugs and the fee to put a resident through a darting course was fantastic and now the Trust, along with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, can follow up any reports of an injured or distressed animal immediately.
With continued response and support from the public and businesses in Zimbabwe and from abroad, the Trust was able to refurbish one of ZPWMA's patrol boats. The fleet of boats is in dire need of attention and as and when funds are available they will be refurbished.
A Memorandum of Understanding between KAWFT and the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority has been drafted.